tommy fulton

About Tommy


Someone once told Tommy that he was "living his bliss!"  She had just listened to one of his speeches, and knew that he was meant to tell stories...stories that entertain, teach and encourage. 

That was more than a dozen years ago.  Life has been far from blissful for Tommy, but...oh, the stories!  

Tommy's book on family business challenges, "An Act of Congress - The Real-Life Story of Power and Politics in Family Business" gives the inside view of challenges common to many family ventures.  Years after the turmoil described in that book, and after a decade of prosperity, the family business closed its doors.  More lessons and stories...experiences he now shares  with audiences in order to help them maneuver through tough times, and to maximize the good times.

Tommy now enjoys his work as the Development Director for The Little Sisters of the Poor in Mobile, Alabama.  Working to help raise funds for the elderly poor certainly brings a new level of bliss to his life.  

Perhaps the source of so many more stories and lessons comes from his "part-time" venture as an Uber driver.  In the last two years, he has given rides to more than 8,000 patrons, from more than 60 different countries.  You can follow Tommy's blog to read about those inside look from behind the steering wheel.

This is not your average speaker or writer.  Tommy has an uncanny ability to reach the heart of his audience in a way that allows them to walk beside him on the road to success, and ultimately the path to bliss!