tommy fulton


William Bruce, President American Business Brokers Association


Tommy Fulton recently spoke to our business leaders group. He has a compelling message applicable to both families and businesses. Tommy delivers his presentation in an outstanding manner which drives home his message with sincerity, humor and stories of tragedy and triumph. I can highly recommend him to any group seeking a first rate speaker.

Neidra Brandenburg, President, Medical Group Management Association of Mississippi


"It was a tremendous honor to have Tommy Fulton speak at our Summer meeting for the Medical Group Management Association of MS. His stories were heart-warming and also brought laughter to the audience. I have recommended him to several organizations where I am a member, because I would love to hear him speak again. Tommy's message was challenging and encouraging all at the same time! I hope that Tommy will be a 'repeat performer' for us in the future."

Rev. Bry Shields, President, McGill-Toolen Catholic High School

 "Tommy's speech was, by far, one of the best programs we had all year, and one of the best motivational speeches I have heard.... "
"Tommy made great use of humor and drew on personal experience to make his points - putting the audience at ease..."
"...they will leave laughing, but also feeling confident that they can reach their own personal goals, as well as render valuable service to their community." 

Jeff Newman, Executive Vice President, Mobile Area Association of Realtors, Inc.


"I highly recommend Tommy Fulton as a motivational speaker who both entertains and gives the audience practical tools to get the most out of their profession and their lives. Tommy recently entertained our members in a packed room with real-life stories of the challenges that face Realtors on a daily basis. In a humorous way, he challenged us to learn the lessons from our own stories, which allows us to live a fully rewarding life."

Nicholas A. Pyle, President - Independent Bakers Association


Tommy's presentation to our group of mostly family owned regional wholesale bakers really hit home. All too many times our membership has been impacted by events like those Tommy suffered. His suggestions to avoid simular consequences were well received by our group. His session was not one where we were presented to, but interactive, a style that made group particpation enjoyable by all.

Thank you Tommy!

Mark Hanke, YMCA of South Alabama CEO


Tommy Fulton has addressed a variety of audiences here at the YMCA of South Alabama. He has the unique ability to inject his real life experiences, humor and sincerity into the topic that everyone can relate to. His passion and speaking from the heart really comes through. If you're looking for a top notch speaker to provide motivation and inspiration to your company or group - give Tommy a call, he'll do a great job!

Rick Miller CEO, Pro356 Consulting


Tommy provides a much needed service to the business community. He combines experience, expertise, and outstanding communication skills so necessary to help family businesses build a legacy on their success. His book, An Act of Congress, is a must read. I also highly recommend Tommy as a speaker. His combines passion, experience, honesty and humor to drive home his points. I recommend Tommy to my clients and my friends.

Darron Kendrick, Research Accountant


Tommy is wonderful speaker and a great motivator. The energy he brings to all of his projects is powerful. He is very personable, responsive and dedicated. I highly recommend Tommy as an event speaker and business consultant.

Rev. Bry Shields, President, McGill-Toolen Catholic High School (After 2nd speech for McGill-Toolen)


"My hat is off to you for another magnificent speech to our students. Your commencement address to the graduating seniors last May was very impressive, but you proved that you can speak just as effectively to 7th & 8th graders. Your comments were perfectly suited to the occasion since you made sure to commend our student honorees, but you also gave a very stirring presentation of McGill-Toolen..."

Dr. Terry Hazzard, Dean of Students, Bishop State


"The presentation was not only innovative, but it was informative and well received. The student participants were enlightened by the personal experiences shared that were significant to the role of leadership."

Anthony Kaiser, Chairman of the Baldwin County Association of Realtors™


Tommy Fulton was not only right on target with his motivational speech to the Baldwin County Association of Realtors 1st membership meeting of the year, he was entertaining and passionate about the subject while holding our attention. I appreciate Tommy's talent and like the simple style he uses to incorporate humor, facts and a tremendous understanding of the subject matter."

Carol Dotson, Regional Coordinator, C.I.T.Y. Skills Training Consortium (from Speaker evaluations)

 "This was a good professional and personal development presentation."
"Presenter had warmth and courtesy"
"Contents of session would be useful for self-improvement."
"Very beneficial! Lots of inspiration for what we are doing at C.I.T.Y."
"Speaker was very informative and captivating"
"Liked the session because we had a lot of group participation." "Very enlightening. A 'feel good' session."