tommy fulton

Speech Topics

Family Business Succession Planning

Your audience will come away with tools that affect generations of their family and their top employees.  This is especially effective when attended by the current ownership and the prospective successors.  This program can be offered as a keynote or a breakout session.  (By the way...the concepts are very useful to anyone in a family, business owner or not!)

Conflict Management and Communication

Whether you serve on a Corporate or Association Board of Directors or a Volunteer Advisory Committee, you will encounter conflict.  It doesn't have to be a negative!  After this session, your attendees will have a better vision of how to use conflict to accomplish the ultimate goal of a successful outcome.

Using Stories to Bring Support to Non-Profits

Tommy has served as a volunteer on many charitable and civic organizations throughout his life. 

He is currently the Development Director for the Little Sisters of the Poor in Mobile, Alabama.  Your attendees will learn how to use personal stories to attract donors and volunteer support for their mission.  It is their stories, and how they present them, that bring success!

Lessons of Life From the Perspective of an Uber Driver

This program is perfect for a keynote presentation at any conference or convention.  Tommy has spent two years in the ride-sharing capacity, with more than 6,500 passengers from at least 55 countries in his care.  This entertaining session contains lessons in communication, empathy, conflict management and so much more.  Your audience will love the humor, as well as the humanity.  They will definitely have a new view of the world around them, and learn to deal with our commonalities and differences in a positive way.  A really fun presentation!